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Our Burgers

It’s your choice:

Pick a classic sour dough or a multi-grain bun, or go low-carb without a bun. Whatever suits you.


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Fresh Salads

Crisp salads with tasty dressings, seeds, sprouts and many more delicious ingredients – zestful and satisfying!


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With vodka, rum, gin, Aperol, Licor 43 or non-alcoholic. At HANS IM GLÜCK, you will find some pretty unique cocktails.


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Life is sweeter with our mouthwatering desserts.


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Our German Burger Bar's Philosophy

“There is no man under the sun as fortunate as I!”

declares Hans of the well-loved tale, HANS IM GLÜCK. In the end, Hans has nothing, but no regrets. He is elated to be freed of burdensome material possessions weighing him down. Simple Hans is indeed lucky. He has discovered that less is more, and that joy comes from contentment, and living in the moment.

At HANS IM GLÜCK, lucky burger gourmets get a taste of happiness. Enjoy the bliss of tucking into a burger made from a variety of fresh ingredients of excellent quality, just the way you like it. Take your pick from tender chicken breast or juicy beef, vegetarian or vegan, with avocado, feta cheese & fig jam, grilled vegetables, rocket leaves and aged (not processed) Cheddar cheese from the milk of pasture-grazing cows or sharp Italian Parmesan cheese – your options are virtually unlimited.

HANS IM GLÜCK elevates the humble burger into a never-boring, healthy, nutritious and delicious meal – with something special for everyone.